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Smart Wealth Financial Solutions (ABN 24 305 759 974) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (AR No. 1006294) of Avana Financial Solutions Pyt ltd , AFSL 516325, ABN 67 631 329 078. 

Smart Wealth Financial Solutions was established by Chris Leishman in 2017 to meet the growing demand of successful business people, professionals, and retirees who are seeking a professional advice firm that provides clarity around their current financial situation and can assist them with meeting their financial planning requirements – both now and in the future. 

Through the efficient use of technology, Smart Wealth Financial Solutions can assist you in managing your cash-flow and budgeting requirements allowing you to implement a variety of smart wealth creation strategies. 

Importantly Smart Wealth Financial Solutions was established with the following objectives:   

  • NOT institutional aligned so that the advice provided is non-conflicted and in your best interest. 
  • To ensure that you have the ability to access a broad variety superannuation, investment, and personal insurance products, including: 
    • Industry Funds (where appropriate) 
    • Administration Platforms and Wrap Accounts from Australia’s leading product providers.   
  • To actively work with your preferred Accountant and Solicitor to ensure that you receive the most appropriate advice in a timely manner. 
  • To be there when you need your adviser most – during those life-changing events: 
    • Illness 
    • Redundancy/change in employment circumstances 
    • Retirement 
    • Centrelink 
    • Death 
  • To become a highly respected advice firm within the Cairns and Far North Community that specializes in client-centric advice to successful Australians and their families. 
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Our mission: Personal. Simple. Inspired.

These three words were developed by our team to best represent our philosophy for how we run our business, as well as our focus on delivering service and advice to our clients. 


We realize that everyone is different, not only in their financial situation but in their goals, fears, values, and priorities. 

We will take the time to understand as much as we can about each person so that we can deliver tailored advice and service to meet their needs. 

Long-term relationships are important to us and we want our team to be there for you when you need us. Therefore we strive to continually improve and adapt the services we offer to better suit our client’s changing needs. 

Simple – Life is already complex enough 

While most firms will promote the use of sophisticated, complex products and strategies to win you over we happily aim to simplify our client’s situation to allow them to regain control of their finances, reduce stress and focus on what’s important. 

We will speak in simple terms about complex topics to allow our clients to better understand their strategies. 

We focus on developing simpler processes for implementing strategies and delivering our advice to help make your experience smoother and keep our costs down. 

In the complex field of finances, this may appear a strange word for us to focus on but we feel it is one of the most important. 


This word encompasses many aspects of our business. 

Part of our role is to inspire people to make changes and keep going when the going gets tough. 

It relates to the type of advice we provide. Never a one-size-fits-all approach, but a strategic, well-researched, and team-based solution.  

Our approach to business is also inspired. We are focused on continuous improvement and researching new opportunities to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible service we can deliver. 

By living these 3 words every day we believe that Smart Wealth Financial Solutions will be able to achieve our Vision of Enriching Tomorrow. 

Our Vision : Enriching Tomorrow.

At Smart Wealth Financial Solutions our vision is to Enrich the future of our clients, our team, our business partners, their families, and our broader community. 

Oxford’s dictionary defines the word Enrich as: 

  • Improve or enhance the quality or value of or make wealthy or wealthier 

Although our expertise is in providing financial advice, we do so with a focus on the second definition “to improve or enhance the quality or value of tomorrow”. 

We realize that simply increasing our client’s financial position is not enough. When we understand what is truly important to people we are able to help them achieve greater value for themselves and their families. 

For us Enriching Tomorrow includes: 

  • Understanding people and helping them understand themselves. 
  • Inspiring people to achieve what is truly important to them. 
  • Teaching and sharing sound principles to build a better future. 
  • Helping improve and protect people’s financial position to enable them to fund their desired lifestyle. 

Every day we will strive to Enrich someone’s future – whether it is helping ease the burden on a family suffering a tragedy, removing stress so someone can focus on what’s important, educating or empowering a person so they can take control of their future, helping someone truly understand what they want to achieve in life as well as developing the wealth to achieve it.