Personal Insurance

Are you adequately insured? 

Your earning capacity is paramount to a secure financial future. Our risk assessment and insurance advice ensure you are covered. 

Did you know that the majority of young and middle-aged Australians are underinsured? Make sure you’re not one of them. 

There are many different types of personal and life insurance: 

Level Versus Stepped

Policies can either be:

  • Renewable each year (stepped premiums), meaning that the premium is calculated each year and will normally increase as you get older; or
  • Level premiums, meaning that the premium stays the same each year until the term of the insurance policy expires.

Premiums for both stepped and level cover will increase with inflation and for policy enhancements.

Common Insurance Mistakes

  • Life insurance held outside superannuation when the life insured has dependants.
  • ‘Own occupation’ TPD policies in superannuation.
  • ‘Any occupation’ TPD policies held outside superannuation.
  • People with no dependants purchasing Life Insurance (although this is a personal choice).  However, many superannuation funds do not offer stand alone TPD.
  • Not considering linked policies.
  • Over-insurance.
  • Under-insurance.
  • A dependence on corporate superannuation fund insurance when benefits are lost in the event you leave your employer.

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