Aged Care Advice
Knowing what to do and what your options are when you or your loved ones can no longer live independently can be confusing. Getting the right information and advice now will help you make the best choices for your future care, security and happiness. Plan ahead to give yourself and your family time to make the best decision.
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Cash Flow Management and Tax Planning
The building blocks for successful financial advice. We invest the time upfront to understand your financial goals and create a wealth management plan to suit your individual needs.
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Smart Wealth Financial Solutions can provide clients with Centrelink calculations and strategic planning advice. It's important to know that the Government may be able to assist you with your finances in retirement. Topping up your retirement income with the Age Pension or other Government benefit or allowance can be a great way to help you make your savings last longer.
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Debt Management / Reduction
We will work with you on a strategy to pay down personal, investment and business debt and ensure this is structured tax efficiently. This sometimes involves some money coaching and conversations around spending habits and keeping you accountable to your plans.
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Lifestyle Planning
You may be closer than you think to living the life of your dreams. We work closely with you to create a money management plan, so you can design your goal-lifestyle and live stress free.
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Financial Advice
Good financial advice is tailored to suit your financial needs. Great financial advice encompasses your lifestyle goals, career aspirations, and dreams for the future.
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Investment Advice
The investments you choose are the path that will lead you to your success. This is why it’s essential to align your objectives and risk profile with appropriate asset classes and investment allocation — in and outside of superannuation.
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If you are thinking of, going through or have been through a separation or divorce, we can help you rebuild yourself financially and empower you with the ability to make financial decisions on your own.
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Superannuation Advice
Superannuation provides a minimally taxed environment to save for your future. By investing within the superannuation effectively, we can help you reduce your tax liability and boost your financial position – allowing you to live the life you love in retirement.
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Retirement Planning
This is the process leading up to retirement where we look at maximizing your contributions using a number of different strategies and establish how much capital and income you will require for your retirement.
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Estate & Succession Planning
You’ve worked hard and spent your whole life accumulating your wealth; and would like to know that your assets are passed to your loved one’s tax effectively. Succession and estate planning ensures your assets, business or SMSF are passed to your loved ones most efficiently when the time comes.
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Salary Packaging
Smart Wealth Financial Solutions is a company providing financial advice including salary packaging advice to many employees who are fortunate enough to work for organizations that include packaging as part of their remuneration agreements. 
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Personal Insurance
Are you adequately insured? Your earning capacity is paramount to a secure financial future. Our risk assessment and insurance advice ensure you are covered.
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Redundancy, Inheritance & Lump Sum Advice
We can assist you in managing your inheritance and having this work towards your long-term goals and objectives. Whether this is to pay off debt, invest for your future, provide an income stream, or look after dependants, we will help guide you through the decision-making process to give you the best options, as we understand this can often be an overwhelming time.
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I am exceptionally happy with the quality of the advice and service that I continue to receive from Chris. Over the years I have been impressed with his breadth of knowledge and expertise, and his ability to deliver it in a simple to understand manner.

Tony Marshall
Long term client