Retirement Planning

This is the process leading up to retirement where we look at maximizing your contributions using a number of different strategies and establish how much capital and income you will require for your retirement. We usually find this involves adjusting your superannuation investments according to your retirement needs. We will guide you through the process of allocated pensions in superannuation, defined benefits, aged care pensions, and annuities where appropriate for your needs.

Retirement planning and superannuation

From a tax perspective, superannuation is generally the best investment vehicle for retirement funds.

Retirement and Estate planning

Retirement planning and estate planning for couples are interlinked because it is rare that both members of a couple to die at the same time.  As such, retirement funds are most often passed from the deceased to their surviving spouse.

We specialise in maximising the amount of your superannuation that passes to your spouse and family upon your death.

From an estate planning perspective, the way in which a superannuation member’s death benefit is paid needs to be carefully considered.  Typically the most important considerations are control and tax. Retaining superannuation death benefits inside super generally produces the most tax favourable outcome.

Good retirement planning is both tax efficient and investment effective. It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. It is important to ensure your retirement income is structured to suit your needs and objectives.

The three main sources of income in retirement are:

  • Superannuation – pension income stream and/or lump sum withdrawals
  • Non-superannuation assets – returns from shares, property, cash and fixed interest
  • Centrelink – age pension benefits

We can help you to structure your retirement income stream to best meet your financial needs.

Superannuation does not come under the direction of your will. Without sufficient planning, the trustee of your superannuation fund has discretion as to the treatment of any death benefits from your super.

A binding death nomination can ensure your wishes are fulfilled in the payment of benefits to your preferred beneficiaries.

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